BYU, Stadium View

BYU, Stadium View

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GAME DAY! Rise and shout and show your spirit each game day with a colorful, exciting print.

Our dynamic signage system comes complete with the frame and magnetic print. The real magic behind this system is that it can be hung in place in your wall for a lifetime as-is. However, the same frame is built to allow regular changing of the art. As the seasons change, as your home changes, as you change, this art system never becomes outdated, keeping up with you and you interior décor preferences.

Go from holiday wishes to springtime motivation through summer celebrations to fall reflection, with each change taking less than 60 seconds and storage for up to 4 prints built right in.


Get ready to add a wonderful accent to your room with a look that you can replace as often as you wish. You'll always be able to avoid a tired, stale look by replacing your art with messages and imagery that fit your décor, the season or your mood.

All of our artwork is lovingly crafted by our own designers. Your print is unique, in that you won't see it everywhere. Your friends will marvel as you regularly update the look of your home. It only takes 60 seconds to completely update the feel of your room.


The replaceable artwork is printed in a high-definition process on our special flexible magnetic with archive-quality inks to provide a vibrant gallery-quality print.

This framed print is ready to hang and comes complete with a sturdy wall cleat attached to the back. Depending on your wall, we recommend that the picture be hung either from a wall anchor or a nail/screw embedded in a stud behind the drywall.


This beautiful work of art includes a custom-built frame, finished and stained. The frame is carefully hand-crafted to match grains and patterns. Each frame includes a magnetic-receptive backing and multi-point interlock system, allowing for easy and secure replacement of the print as often as desired. The frame will accommodate the storage of up to 4 prints.

We guarantee our signage system to stand up to normal use and hundreds of art changes. Its job is to hang on the wall, and that's what it does. It's a no-worry product that will make you happy for many years to come.

Don't wait. Get yours today!



Question: How does this work? How can one frame hold so much art?

Answer: Our frames are built with removable magnetic-receptive backs. All of our art is printed on professional-grade magnetic material, which is strong, durable and able to display high-definition prints. The magnetic art holds fast to the back, creating a work of art that can be updated anytime you like.


Question: Does this picture system look different from a traditional wall hanging?

Answer: No. The frame and print are assembled to create a seamless presentation. The magnetic substrate can be printed with any image, and displays vivid colors. You will be the only person who knows that your frames hold magic superpowers.


Question: What is the frame made out of?

Answer: Wood. And lots of it.

Note: Colors of frame and print on this site are approximate and slight variances in the actual frame color may be expected.

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